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Now available

a new bath time experience

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Which one would you like to win?

Our contest is back with a new formula!


Now available

Lavender, an oil which fragrance has a hint of nostalgia, is recognized for its relaxing, soothing and aromatherapeutic properties.

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and phosphate free

All soaps, foaming milk bath and body washes are biodegradable and phosphate free.


Exclusive CONTEST with CHFI

Thanks to 98.1 CHFI and CaprinaTM you can
win a Caprina's fresh goat's milk skin care
prize pack including products for
great pampered skin!

Li'l goat's

Created specifically for the
soft, sensitive skin of babies
and toddlers


smooth your skin with
the purity of fresh goat’s

What's up Caprina?

Caprina is so excited to show you her new Lavender Oil fragrance and her new foaming milk bath!

Caprina goat’s milk products come in a wide range of formats and formulas, offering smooth skin care solutions for the entire family.

All soaps, milk bath and body wash are biodegradable and phosphate free. Our body lotions contain no parabens.

Check out Li'l Goat's, our fabulous baby and kid's line!